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Here at Dalworth Glass Co. Inc., it is our continued focus to cultivate new relationships while sustaining our existing friendships in the construction business. We believe this is only achieved and maintained through the character of each individual of our team. This is exhibited by our fairness starting from the initial negotiation until the completion of each project. By choosing Dalworth Glass you can rest assured that the reputation in the name you chosen has been achieved through one satisfied client at a time.                       

Proverbs 22:1


In October of 1987, I set out to start a new glass company in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and named it Legacy Glass Co. It began with a vision that was started in the humble setting of a garage. What we lacked in space, we made up for in desiring to do things a little different.  Instead of profit as the main incentive, we chose to make the relationships with our customers the centerpiece of the company.  This was, and is still our focus.  In 1996 Legacy Glass Co. became Dalworth Glass Co. Inc. The name was changed but our people remained. 

During the early years I heard a quote by Rodger Staubach "There is not much traffic on the extra mile".  This is true and has served as a constant reminder to us here at Dalworth Glass. We go above and beyond as a normal practice.  As I look back to 1987 so much has changed. From the number of employees and trucks to our current location, one thing has remained constant.  That is our dedication toward the relationships with our customers. 



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